Face detector

My goal in this article is to show you how to build a face detector mobile app with Expo and Google ML Kit in less than 5 minutes.

Expo is a powerful framework equips with tons of ready-to-use components that allows you to build a cross-platform mobile application with ease. In this article, we are going to use components such as expo-camera to access mobile phone camera and a built-in face detector module expo-face-detector to detect faces from images. Expo-face-detector is based on Google ML Kit Vision API.

Before we can use Camera object, we need to import expo-permissions package…

Many mobile applications today allow users to login with third-party authentication such as Facebook. In today's post, I am going to show you how easy it is to set up and build in Android using React & Expo framework but the idea should be applicable to other frameworks.

Facebook Login
  1. Generate Facebook App ID for your application

Create an account if you have not had so, and go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

Choose Create App -> Build connected experiences, fill up the form and you are good to go. You should be able to see your App ID in the app dashboard page. …

So I was exploring latest Android Studio 4 upgrade and upgrading my old Expo projects with it. I hit error when executing expo start with android emulator running.

The error message is below:

Couldn’t start project on Android: adb E 1723 33490 usb_osx.cpp:138] Unable to create an interface plug-in (e00002be)
error: could not install *smartsocket* listener: Address already in use
ADB server didn’t ACK
* failed to start daemon *
error: cannot connect to daemon

Checked adb process is running but was unable to connect by Expo. Strange.

I figured out that I have two adb installation exists from Android…

User identification framework from inertial based sensor

This paper present user identification framework from inertial based sensor or device. The goal is to recognize a target user from their gait patterns or way of walking, using accelerometer and gyroscope signals provided by inertial based sensor like smartphone. This research contributes several innovations such as 1) Novel feature extraction based on Convolutional Neural /network (CNN) 2) Convolutional neural network (CNN) & Long short term memory (LSTM) neural network to classify walking subject. We exploit deep learning approach as universal feature extractors for gait recognition, which able to remember classification results from…

Many combination of structures are available for proteins involved in the central processes of life, however it can be a challenge to find the information that we need, since protein data bank archives so many different structures, often with multiple combination of structures for a given molecule, or partial structures, or structures that have been modified from their native form. This paper presents SVM-based algorithm to identify protein structures and compare with a Naive Bayes-based algorithm on a set of protein database from Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB) Protein Data Bank (PDB). Performance was measured for identification scenarios. …

With the advance of AI and computing device and smart phone, it is easier for us to build and deploy machine learning application today. Many frameworks and tools are available to build sophisticated mobile application with AI enabled such as React and Tensor Flow.

In this post, I am using React Native and Tensor Flow, two very popular frameworks use to build mobile application and have been used by companies like Facebook and Google. OK, let’s get started.

First, clone my sample project here:

$ git clone https://github.com/rickyhp/obj-detection.git
$ cd obj-detection
$ yarn install

You should have the Expo project…

Ricky H. Putra

Data-driven Product Manager at AwanTunai. Digitize Indonesian FMCG supply chain platform. NUS graduated majoring in Intelligent System.

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